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Wedding parties:Are you thinking what we're thinking? Yup. BORING! Well get this, some newlyweds turn them into sheer fuck fests! Hey, there's another wedding party next door! Feel like paying these guys a visit? Go for it! The bride is already blowing the groom's cock, but you could still grab a nice piece of ass out there! wedding fuck
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White... The color of innocence... The color of virginity... The color of loyalty... But in reality it's the color of lust and passion, the color of stockings covering the bride's legs she spreads before some horny guest at her wedding, the color of the groom's cum on the bridesmaid's face... That's how it is at most weddings! Come and witness the truth about weddings at Just Married Sex!

A diary of a bride-to-be: "Something old... That's the groom... He'll probably fuck my brains out on the wedding day! Something new... That's the groom's best man... Always dreamed of sucking his huge cock... Something borrowed... I think I'll borrow one of the guest's dick to find out if it's bigger than my husband's... Something blue... I'll be fucking my lovely husband for what I'm worth till his balls turn blue!".
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