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Some girls are gorgeous, but not good with money. They build up debts, don't pay their bills, take stupid bets, shop too much and can't pay off the credit cards. What can they do to get out from under? They can get under... under some guy they have to fuck to get cash! At Forced To Prostitute, these everyday girls-next-door have to resort to whoring to get the green they need to pay off their debts! The loan shark becomes the pimp... he knows these girls won't be able to pay him, so he finds a John with the long green that is looking for some tail and makes these girls "do the deed" to pay off their debts, with the cash going right into his pocket! He decides who she has to fuck, when, and how much it will cost, and she can't stop taking the cock until he says the debt is paid off and, in some cases, he makes her do a little extra just to "teach her a lesson." Forced To Prostitute features hours and hours of video content, thousands of photos, stories, and more of hot girls being made to do the nasty for cash. The movies are all DVD-quality, and the ForcedToProstitute team are constantly producing new content for weekly updates, so you will never be hurting for new material. That's a guarantee!
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